What We Do


Strategic Counsel and Effective Advocacy in Washington

Our clients need to understand what’s really happening in Washington, and sometimes they need to proactively shape events.  We help them do both.


Energy Technology, Market, and Policy Analysis

We help our clients understand where energy markets, technologies and policies are headed.  We also provide some of our clients with independent evaluations of the technologies or claims of new market entrants.  Our forecasts of future events in the energy and environmental fields have become “required reading” in the boardrooms of many of our clients.


Energy Research Project Development

We help our clients build energy research capabilities and undertake new projects by strengthening their abilities to compete for federal funding.  We provide intelligence on evolving federal agency research directions by monitoring agency advisory committees, agency budgets and Congressional actions.  We also maintain close contact with agency research program managers.  We provide our clients with an understanding of the cultures and processes of the various agency funding organizations.  We also provide advice on research project management based on many years of experience of working with national laboratories and research universities.


Wind FarmContract Capture Strategy Management

Some of our clients come to us seeking contracting opportunities with the Government.  We help develop new business opportunities, and bring them to our clients.  We also help our clients build the right team to compete for and win the business.  At every step, we help guide our clients through the process, providing valuable insights about the prospective Government client and supporting the contract proposal through all of its phases until submittal.  Our batting average is among the best in the business, resulting in billions of dollars to our clients’ bottom line.


Keeping and Growing the Client Base

Sometimes the easiest capture strategy is growing the Government contract work already captured!  We have helped some of our clients expand work through direct intervention with the Government client, by working side-by-side with the client in assisting the Government, and by providing independent evaluations and recommendations to our client on how to better serve their Government client. With our collective background in managing complex, large and technology-based programs, we are able to mentor both our commercial clients and their Government clients in ways that have doubled the contract base work for some of our clients.


Washington CapitolHelping Government Executives Tackle Their Most Difficult Problems

Having managed at the highest levels of the Government, each of our Principals has valued experience to our Government clients. Our experience runs the full breadth of Government management—from strategic policymaking at the highest levels to front line project management.  As former Government Executives, we’ve been in the “hot seat,” and we understand the challenges facing today’s Government Executives. We offer consulting services to our Government clients across the spectrum of strategic management including: